Plants of Galidor

More info and pictures here


So it’s a plant watering plants?

Very nice flowers! Can you take pictures of each one individually?

My favorite plant is the one that looks like a robot.

Looks amazing!

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Sorry, I thought that if I posted flickr links, that you’d be able to click the photos and see my flickr posts.

Click this link and you’ll get a better description of the mocs, and a link to other photos of the plants :slight_smile:

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My bad I didn’t catch that link at the bottom. Still, I don’t see photos of the individual flowers.

That plant made of bohrol sheilds is simply amazing, very great parts usage here

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Loved seeing this at BrickFair, never realized it had been posted on the boards before that. I get a kick out of gardener/Rice Farmer Jens the most, I think.

Well detailed I like them

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