Plants vs Zombies

Anyone else wanna talk about quite possibly the greatest popcap game series?

I have played the first one, and beaten it. Though i could never figure out how to find the Yeti zombie, or get aquatic plants for my water zen garden.

Well, you find the yeti by replaying story mode. He appears on level 4-10 when you play story mode a second time. As for the aquatic plants in zen garden, you have to buy the aquarium garden.

I have the first one on DS, and played it, and loved it! Now I play PvZ2 on my phone, and it’s probably my favorite game for iOS. I like it so much that it has actually become a part of my morning routine. No joke. :smiley:

Same, I just hope the release the second one for PC without all the freemium stuff.

I liked the first one, but couldn’t get into the second because it was too freemium heavy, and it didn’t pull my attention very much.

Seen some playthrough footage of one game or another, but can’t claim to have played any of the games myself. Looks fun though.