Plasma Beetle MOC

Hello! This would be my second MOC here on the ttv message boards, and this is just a small thing i made recently. If my hand covers any parts of the pictures you would like to see, just let me know and i can reply with a better picture. So lets get started.

Here is a picture that i thought could be less detailed, but more artsy, as it could be it startled by a flashlight, after sneaking through a grate.

Here is a front on view. The head is a black foot used on the 2015 Protectors, with 2015 eye stocks on the sides, as eyes. It is mostly black, but as you can see the back feet are silver, as i had no other options, so try to think of them as black. (Also note that the bone pieces for each leg are a clear bright blue. The lighting does make them different.)
The black feet on its shoulders are used as wings in an outward position, like a beetle about to fly.

With this top down view, it looks a little strange. The blue pin on the back messes it up a little, and the huge eye stocks look a little out of place. I have a armour piece on both side of the torso, and a Hero Factory 3.0 spine thing on a plate in the middle.

Here i have the weapon/tail. This is the main reason i named this MOC "Plasma Beetle", as i thought this could be an electrified tail, with being two barbs and everything. Stabbing something would complete the circuit, target would be fried. The blades are from the sword of a Hero Factory 4.0 set, Stormer XL.

I hope you enjoyed my MOC, and any suggestions/praise/criticism are welcomed.
And as i said at the beginning, if you ask i can reply with photos were you can inspect areas not shown/covered by my hand.