Please Don't Spoil The New Bionicle Book!

Yes the book was leaked. Yes a lot of people have read it. But not everyone wants to. Please at least write SPOILERS or something like that before anyone talks about the book.


I 100% agree with this, it's unfair to us, the ones waiting to read when the book is officially released! I mean, the point of a spoiler tag here is for spoilers! At the moment I am a bit upset due to the fact something got spoiled in a recently made topic!

//Rant over//


@Booster_Gold I think I know what post your talking about. That annoyed me too :/. Fair there's no way to read someone's mind to know if they oblivious to something or not, but a little spoiler tag wouldn't hurt.

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When saying a spoiler, it is proper to say SPOILER WARNING OF SAID PRODUCT then spoiler tag it

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I suppose some people would like everyone to wait for everyone on the boards- no, the whole fandom to read the books before anyone is allowed to post book content.

Seriously, the TTV message boards is a place for sharing and discussing information, I get a little tired having to find a topic with the spoiler tags, copy them, and then paste them into the topic I am currently in.

What kind of spoiler tag do you use?

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[spoiler] text here [/ spoiler]

I agree dude, especially when the book hasn't even been officially released yet

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There's also this:
< span class = "spoiler">text

I'm dumb...
I accidentally did the quote thing...


As someone who wants to avoid knowing the summer story until seeing the animations/reading the book, I must agree. Spoiler tags exist for a reason.


Agreed on the spoiler tags.