Plurago: Toa of Earth | Self-MOC (W.I.P)

Hello everyone and welcome to my first, “Real” MOC, who just so happens to also be my Self-MOC. Let me introduce to you Plurago, Toa of Earth (Now with 400% more Mixel Eyes).

Plurago is my character from the Never-ending Crossover Adventure Game Reboot. He is known for his annoying personality, being worried all the time, and trying to be a leader but fail at it all the time.

Front View:
Gotta love that terrible color distribution and those HF feet.

Side View:

Back View:

#Extra Pics

Waist Swivel:

Onua and Plurago:

Obligatory Head Shot:

What do you think of him? Is he a waste of a MOC or a Waste of Space?

All criticism shall be read and respected. :blush:


I like him, but the shoulders are too narrow.

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##Tank U Gud Mayo Miracle Whip!

I’ll see what I can do about that. :smile:

OK… :cry:

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Call me:

Or Miraculous Prime.

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Fixed it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a nickname I used to despise, but am cool with now.

I see. I was just trying to find a substitute to the word “Man”. So, yeah.

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use mang or bro. Dude or guy. Good sir works too.

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But those are just so… Boring. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, are there any other issues you see?

Nah. Pretty solid otherwise.

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I like this guy

the legs look a bit spindly and the feet are awfully huge,but other than that,it’s a cool MOC.

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This looks Fantasti-cool™, I love it! He might look good with smaller feet, maybe protector feet. And maybe not the glowing green crotch. Also, he might benefit from some Velociraptor legs. Other than that, he’s great!



I think I’m gonna keep the legs because I personally like how it looks, but I will probably change the feet, maybe even do something custom.

Thanks again. :smile:

Tank U, Mange! I’ll try out the protector feet idea.

But that’s his heart light! /s

Yah… I wanted those to be silver, but I was too lazy to find any I couldn’t find any.

Trust me, you do not want to see him with Velociraptor legs… I’m speaking from Experience.


You’re welcome c:

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###Update Numero Uno:

@Ghosty So, are these any better? Also, @PekekoaOfJungle I tried out the Protector Feet, but they seemed a bit too Monstrous.


Much,much better.

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Bohrok Feet for da Ween!

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Yeah, those look much better than protector feet would.

You’d be surprised the things I’d like to see with Veloci- You know, I’m going to stop there, that was not a good sentence.


A toa of earth probably should have thicker legs, and the koalksi doesn’t really seem fitting. But other than that it’s a nice moc.