PM Guidelines and Confidentiality

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Are double posts allowed in PM's? Seen that a few members in pm's have started flagging them however they seemed to be acceptable beforehand? Is there a new rule that is not written here that PM's need to avoid double posting also?


Double posting is not something we need to moderate on PM's.

What is listed at the top are the only things we are moderating. All other rules do not apply to PM's.


Ok, thanks for the clarification

hit 20,000 a few weeks ago

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original quote posted 15 days ago

now lets get back on topic


Ok, for an analysis:

Scar came to visit us, and I learned this.

Once I did this, now I refrain from doing so.

Accidents happened, and we got so many new members.

They do! The Staff here on the TTV Message Boards are the most respectable staff,and should be added immediately!
With permission, of course...

It happened, and we had to migrate.

Me bad.

Remembers the accidental Screamer and the 16.5...
Me very incidental apologies.

In the meantime, I get these new rules. Great for implementing them!


so much fo keeping secret >:frowning:


Its a shame there is not an option to leave large group PM's. I suppose you can mute the PM, but I know a few members who would want to leave a PM for a while to avoid being distracted when focusing on real life stuff such as exams.

Muting prevents you being notified, but for some the temptation of new messages in a PM is too great, especially around leak season.



I find this very interesting as I have used the pm feature once lol...


So, can there be a way to make it so no one can PM you?

(My reason is that I feel like PMs are the dark alley ways of the Internet...not fun)

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gets flashbacks of the SMARP PM

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I don't think you can. Though, if someone is adding you to a PM that you don't want to be a part of, you can always flag it, and the moderators can remove you from it and suspend the people responsible for adding you to the PM.


TIP: Don't get on the boards when studying for exams. XD


I have a question, is religious and political discussion within PM's okay?(assuming that we keep it civil)

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Our staff do not moderate pms. If a pm is flagged, then we will intervene, if not then there’s no way for us to know. Assuming you continue behaving in a civil manner there should be no concern about rule breaking.


Okay, thanks for the response

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