Po Koro Kohlii Tournament [LDD Brickonicle Entry]

My Brickonicle contest entry

Set Name: Po Koro Kohlii Tournament

Piece Count: 485

Price: $48.50

Set Description:
"The Matoran have all assembled at Po Koro to watch the Kohlii tournament, pick your team and challenge another, only one will win."

This set is basically a Lego sports set but for Bionicle, where you’d have a ball and would try and flick it like table top football into your opponent’s goal, using the levers at the back of each goal to maneuver your keeper to block the ball. All 6 teams are present, some might seem a little familiar.

The set is made from the barriers, two corners and the goals.

And here we can see the teams, I tried to keep the colour schemes consistent but also vary them to show how the mini-figs can be used with colour, the masks were just used as place holders.

Ideally, if Bionicle was a system theme, I’d like to see masks that flick up as on Takua and Jaller. However if we wanted to go super specialized, we could combine a head with the stud launching mini-fig guns so that they’d be like the 2015 heads but in mini-fig form.

Comments and criticism welcome :smiley:

The Brickonicle topic is here

EDIT: Lego logo removed


Huh, pretty neat concept and execution! Good luck!

Edit: Some sort of control system for the players in the field might be nice, though. The goalies can move, but outside of moving the other players with your hands there is no one to shoot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe something like the movement system here: http://brickset.com/sets/7257-1/Ultimate-Lightsaber-Duel


Very nice. I love the goalie system you have.

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It looks pretty good!

It’s a good concept and you’ve managed to replicated the Kohli arena into an actual set, however it is a wee bit expensive! honestly, probably due to all the minifigures; I feel like there are actually too many here! I would actually prefer about 6 players, a turaga, and maybe a toa rather than only two players and 10 other guys who aren’t doing anything!

THe set also has a lot of repetition which isn’t necessarily bad, but, in my opinion, one would get bored of building so many walls over and over and over…

In the end isn’t a great MOC! I just think the price is too steep for what you get. Good luck in the contest!


Fair enough, I was designing it based off pictures from MNOL and the walls and design is pretty basic, so when I designed it I knew it would be repetitive in the build. I was mainly focusing on accommodating the goal function and from that trying to not make it look like just a goal.

The mini-figures do contribute a lot to the price, they make up about a quarter total. The reason I put so many in was to sort of use it as a value pack to collect mini-figs but also because it would offer a wide variety, perhaps it was too much.

Thanks for the critique, maybe I’ll come back to it someday.


Box art looks familiar ~_•

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My favorite part has to be the diversity and quality of the characters.

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Part of the same line I guess, I think yours looks more lifelike though, well done with yours, good luck :wink:


A great concept with a phenomenal design. I’d buy this if it were in stores.

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Excellent execution, looks really good!

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I would buy this, honestly.

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Thanks guys! I was getting a little worried with the high price.

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My entry will be about Kohlii too, but I will make a giant arena!

Hafu and I would obviously wreck anyone in our path.

The minifigures and the goals themselves look very nice, but the way how the sides of the field have open gaps makes me doubt that the ball can stay in the field.

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lol, I was just picking XD

Well, I guess you just need to aim straight then, when I was looking at reference images I saw there were some gaps to enter the field and I didn’t want to inflate the piece count any further.

Or just move the walls in a bit. Not like they’re attached to anything.


True, that also means that you can reconfigure them any way you want really.

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Looks neat! One thing I want to point out though. . . Why is Nuparu here and not Taipu? Anyways, that’s a minor detail that can easily be swapped, so, no worries.

Haha, you have a good eye, I wanted to show off the vibrancy and the things you can use mini figures for, also it would look similar to Hafu and I wanted to make sure you can distinguish them.