Po-Koto: The Region Of Stone Villager Jobs (Anniversary Contest Entry)

Hunter: Hunters are in charge of slaying bests at night and recovering food for the villages of Po-Koto. They are also the ones who came up with the anti venom formula from their years of hunting. The main hunting group is know as "The Blades of Okoto" renowned for their record of killing the most amount of Scorpio's in the dead of night with nothing but some sharpened rocks and being able to feed the Po-Koto villages for 4 weeks strait. Nilkuu the Protector of Stone personally leads the Blades whenever they have to hunt. They are armed with two daggers made from Jarka Snake teeth, a machete made from Scorpio bones and are covered in bone spike armor.

Notable Hunter(s): The twin brothers Pakara and Jarner were known for fighting off 3 Jarka snakes with only one knife, tossing it back and forth between each other to fight the three monstrous snakes, it usually takes 2 hunters to fight one Jarka. They are very well respected and are part of the Blades of Okoto.

Trader: Traders go out to the other villages and sell food and items for material in the other Koto's. They mainly trade in stone bricks and food from the desert creatures, such as Scorpio stew and Kara beef. All of their items are usually stored safely inside their backpacks or multiple villagers join together to bring heavy loads of stone to the other Koto's. Their masks are known for not containing the fins in the middle unlike the other villagers.

Notable Trader(s): The trader Paipa was known for trying to trade his poisoned Scorpio stew to the entirety of Ga-Koto. He blamed his mentor Ahkmou, claiming that he forced him to give the stew to Ga-Koto. He is currently incarcerated and Ahkmou is nowhere to be found.

Rider: Riders are in charge of taming the savage beasts of Po-Koto and making them help the villages, from the massive Scorpio's to the monstrous Jarka Snakes, these warriors wear light armor on their whole body to move quickly and have anti venom syringes in their back armor and legs at all times. They carry a whip and a mouth bit to stop the vicious creatures from biting them when they get close enough. Their masks are missing the larger fins as the creatures they tame could possibly latch onto that part and throw the rider or kill him/her. The riders usually have a hunter with them to distract the beasts if the creature is too much for the Rider alone to handle.

Notable Rider(s): Rakina is a legend among the ranks of the riders. She successfully tamed three Scorpio's and four Jarka's, the most anyone besides her have tamed are one of both, as the creatures will try to kill each other.

Guards: Guards are in charge of protecting the villages when Nilkuu is away, they are trained by him personally on how to deal with any type of creature. They are covered in a medium weight stone armor and they have modified their masks so all the fins on the top are gone and smoothened out as well as the eye holes being crossed into each other and a bottom part has been added to the mask in order to give it a more knight like appearance. These warriors have been especially helpful as of late for they have successfully defended the villages against the Skull Spider invasion. Guards are all armed with a sword made of sharpened stone and shield built by the hardest obsidian from Onu-Koto and coated in normal stone.

Notable Guard(s): Nilkuu, before he was a protector, was a guard, he proved that he could be a Protector when his home village was attacked by 20 Scorpio's and he defended the entire place with no assistance, making the creatures go back from where they came from. The warrior Kaewa is the current captain of the guard while Nilkuu is away, she proved herself by using her leadership to defend her village against an army of Skull Spiders while the Blades of Okoto were out hunting.

so yeah, that's my entry, hope you enjoyed it


This is great! I love the artwork and the story works well with what we have smile


thank you very much dude smile

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looks sweet hope you win wink


thanks dude, I'm wondering if after the contest i should do this for all the different regions, just for the fun of it

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that would be cool

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I got to say this is pretty great.
I loved how you incorporate a few story elements in this.


My vote to you Studios

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cool this is awesome I definitely would like this for other villages

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I really love the world building here!


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i wouldnt put koto at the end of the regions

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Matoran don't speak Maori though...

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Yes i know

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