Pocket Dimensions of Excess Mass Possibilities

Can the Makuta use the pocket dimensions that contain their excess mass for other purposes? Such as using it as storage space for objects, as a refuge, or as a shortcut such as going in and coming out to a different location than the one they left using their shadow powers or possibly just their shadow hands? The reason I ask is it is a shadow based power that takes matter into a different dimension, so I was wondering about other applications than just storing excess mass.

It really depends on if it is a true dimension or if it’s classed as a reality bubble. A reality bubble most likely wouldent allow for anything drastic, the entire space would be very unstable containing only the excess mass with its coordinates linked directly to the Makuta.

If it’s a dimension then things become much more complicated and would require some pretty complex physics to explain but think of it like a price of paper on a 2 dimensional plane. If you fold the paper on its self without creasing it then it’s still a 2d plane but now there is an extra area between 2 points on that plane that can be accessed and used but not necessarily entered. The reason being that a 2d entity can’t exist in the 3rd dimension, or rather it can’t be seen or understood. In other words they can access it for storage but not enter it themselves but possibly allow their mass to be accessed for any location simply by reaching in and pulling it out.

That’s just a quick thought though, I sadly don’t have time to go too in depth right now. :confused: