Poharu, the Knight of Storms (Self-MOC)

"In a world where people in brightly colored armor fight each other using elemental powers, Poharu, mastered using the element of lighting and now uses his time to collect all kinds of books."

I've been following this site for a while now, so I figured I might as well finally post something, so here is my self-MOC Poharu.

(Yes, I am aware the back looks really bad.)


The back of the legs look eh, but everything else is awesome. This is one of my favorite color schemes.

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Other than the slightly blocky chestplate I can't find anything else to critize about this MOC. Very well done, I love the colors and even the leather gloves (if that is what they are).

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the midsection is a bit squared off, but good on you for working in system parts :smile:

Name that's one letter off from a canon name aside, looks like an interesting design. Props to you for using some rather underused colors and for the eastern-style design. Agree with the others about the blockiness of the chest plate, perhaps you could make a new chest built off of azure shells.

Thank you all very much :smile: I will definitly try fix the chest plate once i'll allow my self to take Gali and Akida apart (or acquire more dark azure parts).

That was is indeed what they are.

I know but there is quite the story behind why I chose my name and because of that I'm sticking with it, even though it is so close to Pohatu.

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So Amazing!!!!

This looks amazing

The use of the minifig legs is a little strange in my opinion and something bothers me about the choice of mask - not exactly sure what, though.

What I really like on the other hand are the custom head build (I always appreciate that on MOCs) as well as the lower legs and upper arms. Aside from the already mentioned blocky chest (though actually it are just the minifig legs and the piece in the center of it, that bother me), the torso also looks very nice. The waist especially looks pretty awesome, is just slightly too thin in my opinion.

Also his fingers are a little too short to "hold" the sword. :wink:

But overall great job!

Might you be interested in doing a MOC for the Brotherhood Project?

Chest is a bit blocky as others have said, but I have no other issues with this MOC apart from that.

Still better than twilight most MORC's backs.

I don't know why, but I expected a MOC that was okay, meh at best.
Instead, I saw this.

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Nice moc the legs look real great in front.

The build is quite solid, and that colorscheme is quite well done.

All the Yes

Was had that day.

In other words, I really like it!

Outside of the blockyness of the chest, I really like it, especially the colourscheme :smile:

Thanks everyone :smile:

I'll think about it. thank you for the offer tho.

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Oh Wow. Generally I'm not a fan of Blue and Orange, but this one pulls it off.

The legs are really well thought out.

Great job.

The MOC looks awesome with the colours and the build, but the chest looks a bit too blocky.

I got to say this looks great.
Though the knee-pads look unnecessary.

Never thought I'd see a color scheme like this and work, but wow, this is a pretty cool moc. I love the little electricity pieces on the shoulders. :smile: