Pohatu 2015 Revamp: Return of Pot8o

i think he's like an aboriginal shogun landsknecht, which is one hell of a combo
Since new users can't put images in posts, just czech out the link below:

thiswebsidehasbadcoding: https://www.flickr.com/photos/114035403@N02/sets/72157649926605422/

crits please! when I get more rust brown pieces i'm gonna do him over again in a more competent manner


I can't open the pics on my computer...

return of potato

also might wanna fix the link stuck_out_tongue


Nvm I'm stupid

So he looks a little ... weird but I think with some more work he could be pretty good.

You have Pohatu I'm so jealous (Him and Kopaka are my fav Toa)

They revamped him ALREADY?!

I think he looks fine the way they made him. But that's coming from a guy who does not have him (yet).

Not a fan of the sand green. Looks simple but good otherwise.



Return of pot8o

Not a fan of gunmetal, sand green, and all that stuff
otherwise pretty cool

As @Ekorak and @pot8o have said, the sand green looks a bit off (I think the gunmetal is okay though).

Here's my biggest piece of advice: please try to find a cleaner background (a corner of a white-walled room is a good place to start).

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