Pohatu idea.

okay, just finishing up episode 251 and everyone but Pohatu has been talked about and has something there, but i have an idea for him. so Pohatu g2 had that metal amour arm. he also from whats spoken about will be a good friend to people. what if pohatu was disable?, stay with me here. what if he didn’t have most of if not all of his arm for what ever reasons works best in the story. and has a metal replacement one ( brings over a bit of a design from g2) maybe the stone region does not really like him for being different. for that he does not know how to be friends with people so comes across a bit over bearing ( like some of g1 ) and really wants to be friends.

It also adds another disable chacter to a small range Lego has and needs more of. it also allows you to add more to the weapons, maybe he can use one of the agents body piece and he arm can work towards his weapon ( or even something hand based like the pirate hook piece ) giving him more possibility weapon wise. maybe this could add something to stone town that they dont like different people. i feel like alot could be done with him with this possibility and bring more positive messages about disability. lego so far have had the first wave of 08 bad guys which where bad guys, along with Borg and some kid from ninjago, supporting roles and bad guys yet i cant think of a main good guy fighting role someone with a disability had been in Lego. it would be a good time to fix that. just an idea as something that could be done as a starting block for him.

hope you enjoy this idea. sadly it would be a small edit on the pohatu design but wouldn’t that be worth it to get a new interesting chacter? hope you enjoyed this idea.


I think this idea is really cool. I pretty much love everything about it, other than the different weapon idea. But only because I really like the mace ideas.

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