Pohatu, Knight of Stone

There’s no point in pretending that this is a perfect MOC, but I would be down for a 2017 Pohatu that looked like this.

EDIT: How’s this? Any better? More pictures coming soon.

Comments and questions appreciated.


Hmmm interesting the feet look strange and the legs look a little thin but other then that it is pretty good.

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It’s extremely difficult to see clearly and it seems quite cobbled together.


why is there a sword coming out of his chest? also the bucket feet



Can’t really see it, some better pictures would be nice.

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I can’t mke out anything, it looks like a complete mess in the torso and leg area.

The a symmetry is a bit odd, but I like the overall design.

And I like his feet.

I like the cape and the armoring, but PLEASE take the buckets off the feet.

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That tan chest piece on his upper leg looks really weird

This MOC needs alot a work, it looks really messy, the colors are all over the place, using four different shades of brown along with the tr. neon green and little bits of yellow and white does not work. I suggest using fewer shades of brown and taking away the little yellow and white bits.

also the legs and rather lanky and unarmored compared to the rest of the moc, bulking those out would really help. I do appreciate the costum legs tho, and i like the design of them, they just don’t really work here.

Lastly, the large CCBS torso shell used as some sort of cloth looks wierd and out of place, same thing with the sword that seemingly sticks out of his chest. This MOC has alot of potential to look pretty cool but as it is now it still needs alot of work.


I got to say this looks…somewhat average.
The build though in this looks very mismatched and random.

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The buckets on the feet were placed there to evoke the foot extensions on Pohatu’s 2001 set. I am planning on redesigning the feet, however.

It’s not an amazing MOC, but I feel like some better photos would improve the look. It’s currently being revamped into something much better.

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