Pohatu Master of Stone Sketch!

Here's a pic of pohatu's 2015 model that I sketched!



As an aspiring artist, this inspires me.

Excellent work! smile


This is pretty neat! smiley

Keep drawing man! Once you get the hang of it, it just keeps getting better and better.

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You've seen my artwork before?

Not really, you should post some in a reply so I can see! That would be cool!

I did see your super hero stuff though, it was cool!

now THIS is how you draw the 2015 toa!

11/10 for the toa choice and sand-shoes.
(if I had to nitpick, the stomach seems a little over designed, it doesn't need quite that many panels.)

I would love to see this with shading and/or color, honestly shading would be enough for me.

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very good! your Pohatu drawing is better than mine smile
@tak210 I can't link it since I'm villager level, but you can look up "Masters of Okoto Speed Drawings 2015" in the videos category.

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Thanks! I'm probably going to redo it digitally soon.

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I love it

Now I wanna see your Pohatu drawing, you should put it in a reply so everyone can see it. Or just post it. stuck_out_tongue
(to LGnui's comment)
@LGNui If it's the speed drawings I saw them. they were very good!

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Holy crap! This drawing is freaking awesome! smiley Wish I could do stuff like that! ;~;

This is great! It looks like the 01' callback poster.

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I did base the pose off the '01 poster, but just with more action to it.

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Dude, you are ONE OF THE BEST! amazing!

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