Pohatu, Toa of Stone

Hi everyone, Un’Jaguk here!
This is my billionth version of Pohatu, and it’s how he looks after arriving on Ralqii. C&C are as always welcome and appreciated.




Weapon pics:


Just curious, why does he have what appears to be a scythe?

Look closer. It’s an axe.

Ahhhh, tbh I prefer the hammer, call me crazy it looks more stoney.

I like the colors on it. I do think the side armor is throwing me off as I do and dont like it sticking more out to the side. :smiley: Really like the brown being implemented well though.:ok_hand:

Awesome, I love the arms and body and those weapon photos are epic.

Really nice. My only complaints are that the waist is too thin and the back sticks out a bit.

He looks like some kind of anime villain with that skirt.