Polaris: forgotten warrior of the north

I recently took apart some of my sets so I could make some more mocs and this was one of the products.

matoran from front matoran from back toa from front toa from back comparison


At first he was a normal matoran living on spherus magna, but after he was convinced to steal a powerful mask he went into hiding. He climbed the tallest, coldest, most harsh mountain in the north and was never seen again. While there, he learned his mask power, transformation, and taught himself how to fight. He is now resistant to cold and can channel his his energy into powerful glowing attacks. He was named polaris by the matoran who claimed to see his powerful glow, which looks like a star on top of the mountain.

Also I know the toa version looks like a recolored onua. I had nothing to do with the parts so I upgraded the matoran version.


Looks very nice! I'm not a big fan of the Hulk Chestplate, but you manage to make it look pretty good here. I particularly like the story!


The second one looks a little bland but seeing as the first one is a protector I love it.

I never liked that chest-plate ether but it seemed to work well capturing the bulk. Thanks for the feedback smile


Very consistent design. Like the name choice.

Very cool. Neat how he can glow.

I like him. He actually looks unique from Onua.

I just looked this over again.

The gearbox. You used 6 of the little gray gears for friction instead of the ball and socket joint. Also, is there a protruding gear that can be turned for the arms? I didn't think there was.

Yes, the gear system is the same, just with a black gear instead of a yellow one. Also, I used the grey gears because the ball joint provided to much friction. Thanks for the feedback smile

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