Political_Nuju - A Terribad Self-MOC

So @potay8o said I should make a self-moc…so I made this thing. Just so you know, I don’t actually have Nuju-Metru’s mask, so I had to use my Hordika one instead.

This MOC is an attempt to combine my two usernames: ToaNuju120 (whom most of you know) and Political_Slime (show below). Why did I use HF system? Why not?! (also I didn’t have the parts for Bonicle build so yea)

close-up of the terribad torso

shot of the terribad back

sometimes Political_Nuju uses a sword against his political opponents

close up of his complex and totally unique sword

close up of the terribad head


so overall its pretty terribad would r8 0/8


This man has my vote.


so do you still want the skin that i am totally making right now or no?

It’s so terribad that it’s amazing.
I voted.

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I’ll vote because of the way you attached that the Hordika mask onto the Glatorian head.

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@Risebell + @Axonn126 + @Collector Thank you for your continued support.

@Greencapps sho m8, it’d still be gr8

No problem, sir.

Vote Prop. 139

Don’t vote Nuju!

Better yet, vote me. I’ll make sure all of us go to New Atero with safety, and the Kanoka Club will be a trustworthy party.

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Alright, who’s going to be the one to create his political campaign posters?

Whenua is already part of the Kanoka Club party.

Let’s get back on track, though. I never liked it when people use Hero Factory everything and then slap a BIONICLE mask on it and said it was BIONICLE (I’m looking at you Lego). However, for your situation, it’ll pass by me. The color scheme is really good. :smile:


@Oonie That would be me. :smile:


But yeah, I normally don’t mix HF and Bio parts. I made an exception here though.

Are you going to open your own political topic? I mean, where can I cast my vote?

Naw. I think that would be taking the joke a bit too far. Just talking about our “campaign” is far enough.

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Ah, ok. You still got my vote :wink:

Was gonna vote for Republican_Nokama, but then I saw this. You have my vote :smile:

(like, someone should, like, make that account now, like, that would be totes superrrr)

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whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa YOU MENTIONED IRL POLITICS @Chronicler BAN THIS FELLOW

(JK, don’t do it Chronicler pls)