Political_Nuju MoC

Nuju in a business suit, ready to lie to people's face...... Umm... Politicize.



150006432145/10 would like 100 more times

But seriously, this is fantastic. I like the Metru build, and the way you added a tie. If I had to give a con, it would be lack of the color green, official color of the Tahtorak party.

You're welcome.


This is amazing...

Nobody is making a MOC of me yet? That sucks. Maybe I should show my self-MOC before people make one and get it all wrong...

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You see.... The simple answer is...

Nobody likes you

(Obvious sarcasm is obvious)

Neat. The Metru feet look a bit odd IMO. Maybe you can try Mata ones?

It's the Metru build

Yeah, I realize that. I just think they don't look quite right here.

It's Nuju in a business suit. Those feet wouldn't fit into Mata foot shoes.


look up look down I am the nuju you want your nuju to be

no one has made any of the mod squad at all yet

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I don't want my Nuju to look like that.

I mean look he has a donkey kong tie and bluenipples!

Mine would get elected. I doubt Matoran would vote for a Toa with blue nipples.

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all ko matoran and ko toa have blue nipples

They're too manly for office.

And all Ga-Matoran and Ga-Toa have blue everything.

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this is beautiful
I cried

I made this thing in 3 minutes:

The matoran in the back are blinded by his incredible swag.
(Note: this is the terribad edition slime, he will eventually get another form)



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