Political_Slime on a budget

so I can't make elaborate custom mocs for community members, as I just don't have the parts, but I wanted to try anyway, so budgeted slime moc,

not bad if I do say so myself, the shoulders aren't great, but it's not bad for the parts budget,

and my new helper-bot HAL-bert cosplaying as slime,(which is totally not something I thought of by accident.)

It's not amazing, but it has all his major details,
and I wanted to give back after all the mocs he's made for the community.


those shoulders

dat av-matoran head

those hands

dat giant tie


I LOVE IT laughing


I'm guessing I'm last in line to make a @Political_Slime MOC.....


if it's worse than this...

I don't think it can be worse than this.

It could be much worse.

... what is that, exactly?

My first self moc in like... Nnnn6 years maybe? IDK.

No. I can't even make one (I don't have his mask).

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