Political Slime the Matoran

So yeah, our good pal @Political_Nuju or Slime as we know him. I made a MOC of him.


In his hands are his two main political tools. One is his Governer's Badge of Office, the Slime City Staff, and the other are a pair of widgets, his Political Bri-I mean, uh... >.> Moving on.

Same pose just from the back. You can get an idea how the MOC was built.

How the head is built.

With Matoran Nyran and Vuhii.

Also his Slime City Staff. Is legit, m8.


You forgot one thing

His tie and his white collar


I remember seeing this
you added blue nipples
i luv u


Bribery is nothing to be ashamed of Nyran stuck_out_tongue

The head design is awesome. I think its my favorite part of this MOC.


Really good Matoran design. I love how you made the legs. To bad the new pieces don't allow that... How you put the mask over his head was very creative and this looks like a strong Matoran design. Keep on mocing!

With the shortest HF bones, you really don't need to. In fact, if I had more of those, I would've used them for the legs instead. Yknow, this one.

Oh yeah, that one, I only got 1 of those pieces.

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So wait, are you making all of us as Matoran if you have Slime and Vuhii?

I dunno.

Those guys were just the easiest to make.

Because I have like...4 Rodes, a lot of White, Black and Trans lime green


A lot of Rodes you say? We could be friends.

There are a lot of masks cheap on Bricklink. Like, one cent cheap.

Sure is a shame I'm 17 and thus cannot do it without my parents, who are kinda against fueling my addictions.

So yeah, I'll get back to you in a year or two. M'kay? -_-


also, forgot to mention this but looking forward to seeing mine
which I will most likely rebuild
wait you probably dont have a metru hau
like mostly everyone here

I do not. But I will work on getting one.

I really want Lhikan regardless.

I wanna say there was an opportunity before. I think what'd happened is...

I got Vector Prime instead

I think that's what happened. Like, Early 2005/Late 2004


I see
I guess use a normal hau?

I got a metru Hau in a pack of 4 Bionicle books.

even though I saw this like 2 weeks ago i still find it impressive

also there are now 5 mocs of me on here



I got a Metru Hau from a box set of Toa books, it advertised coming with a poisoned Hau Nuva, but that wasn't what was inside.

Also, I like the MOC, but he could stand to have a bit more white.


If you look at his avatar, you'll see that literally the only white on his character design is Matatu Hat.

If I were to change anything it'd be trans-green hands, but those dun exist.

So yeah. >.>