Political Slime the Matoran

I love that @Nyran Matoran for some reason. Also, is there an explanation for the irregular mask/head?

Well, Nuju/Slime's typical appearance is a short being in a suit, with a Minecraft Slime for a head, wearing a Matatu for a hat.

As such, I tried to replicate that look.

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doesn't mean you can't improve on him, just because he didn't doesn't mean you can't. It is your MOC after all.

...I have white cuffs and a white shirt... XD

just wait until Bionicle 2015 mate

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I'd need white tires for the cuffs, and the shirt is 3hrad5 me.

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This reminds me... I need to show off my primary self-MOC. Collerak is one, but he's only my secondary self-MOC.


This was the first Slime MOC I ever saw. Ah the nostalgia.