[Poll] Best movie of 2018

So? Disney shouldn’t pander to the fanbase. I’m not saying that they should screw over the fambase, but they should be allowed some vision for their films.

At the same time they should make a movie people want to go see, striking a balance between their vision and what will be profitable

I’m not saying they should pander. But they should also try to make movies people actually want to see.

Roughly 13,171,225 people did want to go see the movie the opening week. That’s around 4 percent of all Americans

There’s a difference between wanting to see it when it came out, and wanting it in the first place.

If a Jar Jar Binx movie came out I’m sure a lot of people would see it just because it’s a star wars movie. But that doesn’t mean anyone wanted it before hand.

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Well maybe the majority of the people who went to see the other films were passive viewers.

That’s my point.

Infinity War for example was a massive box office success. It was a film that had been built up to and anticipated for years. It was a film people wanted.

More people will see a movie if it sounds appealing or interesting. Solo’s concept isn’t either of those things.

Who cares what passive viewers want? The fans went to see it.

All I’m saying is that they could have made a more appealing movie.

And it would also have helped of Solo was a better movie.

Messing myself into this discussion, here is what I think:
First off, TLJ didn’t “suck”. It had a lot of flaws, and I won’t pretend they aren’t. But the quality of the film was way above it’s big flaws, so I can forgive that. I actually left the theatre with a false sense that it was the best Star Wars movie ever, but of course that didn’t last. I loved the movie when I first watched it. I was disappointed by some parts of the movie, but for the most part, I loved it. I will say that the movie definitely deserves the 91% score given by the critics on Rotten Tomatoes. I feel like the only reason people hated this movie was because… well… expectations. A movie should be considered good or bad by the level of entertainment it gives you. For me, it absolutely entertained me. Most die-hard Star Wars fans went to see the movie for the sake of the Franchise rather then to be entertained by the movie.
So in the end: Did this movie suck? No. It made a tone of money at the Box-office, and it got a great score from the critics. So, it’s no way it can be considered a failure from a cinematical point of view. From the fan’s perspective however, which spent all their time since TFA came out theorizing who Snoke is, Who Ray is, then yes, it was a failure. Star Wars is a great franchise, but fans should not waste their time theorizing when all the movie’s fate in in a director’s hands. J.J Abrams has the power to do whatever he wants with Star Wars, and fans can’t change that. So you have two options:

  1. Enjoy the film because it’s good.
  2. Waste your time trying to predict what will happen in the next movie when your predictions will turn out completely wrong.

As far as the problem with Solo, the reason it didn’t do well at the box-office is because it’s a Spin-off. People would go see the main Saga, not a Spin-off. And most fans didn’t really wanted a movie about Han Solo, so giving them something that they didn’t really care for just because it’s “Star Wars” did not help. And the movie wasn’t a box-office hit, but at least it did more then it’s budget, so It can’t be considered a failure either. And the 70% score given on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t bad either.

I am not the biggest SW fan out there, but I hope this post helped.

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The thing with the spin-off really isn’t true.

That is what I think is the problem, I don’t know what the actual reason is.

People just were not interested in a Han Solo movie.

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Yeah, that is probably the best explanation.

The Film was poorly written, had inconsistent characters, characters that made stupid choices for the heck of it. Rey has literally no character flaws. And the ending had the wrong tone for what had just happened.

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No, it was written in a style you didn’t like, there’s a difference.

I felt they were fairly consistent

As in?

That’s an issue with the force awakens, tlj adds flaws, she’s niave, and headstrong.

They had just survived what should have been impossible, if that isn’t hope inspiring at the very least I don’t know what is

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The only thing so far that Disney should listen to the fan base about is Kenobi

I heard people saying that Rey had no motivation and that he was training to become a Jedi just because. Maybe he was referring at this.

Yes. I would loooooove a Kenobi movie.

But guys, don’t you think this is getting off-topic for this… well… topic? If you want to continue the discussion please do this on the TLJ topic.


Does this result in anything bad actually happening?

How about a more mournful ending as a lot of good people had just died, and the first order basically stands unopposed in their rule.

Holdo expected everyone to trust her on blind faith. [quote=“Ace, post:87, topic:46924”]
I felt they were fairly consistent
Hux was definitely inconsistent with his previous appearance. He went from being a feared military leader to nothing more than a comedic gag.

Even the whole plot about Poe trying to grow out of the reckless pilot persona was half baked. Heck, when the mutiny happened, I thought that was Poe trying to enter into a leadership role. Heck, the fact that the mutiny went on for so long shows that many members of the resistance see Poe as a better leader than Holdo.

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Whilst I disagree with several of your points I’d suggest moving this to the tlj topic. I’d do it myself, but I am the last one to post there, and don’t want to delete my previous post on the topic.