Poll: Protectors in one Recent Review?

  • All in one!
  • Separate videos!

As everyone should expect, I'm going to review the 2015 Bionicle sets as soon as I get them, in an offshoot series called Eljay's Recent Reviews. Issue is, the Protectors are fairly similar, bordering on clone set status... However, before I pass judgement, I want all of your opinions. Should they all be in one video, but looked over one at a time? Or be given separate reviews to look them over? Vote and post your opinions below!



I nominate separate videos for the sole purpose that the new BIONICLE wave has been pretty hyped and people would like to see them in as much of a capacity as possible. HOWEVER, were you to do them in separate videos, I wouldn't recommend to do one video a week. If you opt to make them separate videos you should do like three a week.



I find it pretty neat that I read this in your voice smile

Anyways, on topic, all in one. It makes everything easier. Although there is that pro of getting people focused on one each. I believe 1 video would be a big time/viewer interest saver.

And, perhaps you could, in your video(if it's all in one), review them in order of piece count, set number or alphabetical order. (To appease those who like order.)

Or, you could post them by whoever is closest to your hand...


Id say all in one for now, then do seperate once they actually come out and you can hold the sets.

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I'm going to go with separate because they all seem different, but at the same time very similer, kind of like the mata

Wow, the polls are tied... (3-3)

Looking back at Meso's post, he has a really good point.

People are gonna want MOAR!!!

But, I had thought the people would be more like,"I just want to know how good they are in a fast and clean time."

Hmm... Tough decision...

See, the Protectors face the same problem for reviewing purposes as the Phantoka and Mistika will. About hald of them are clone sets, and the other half aren't.

It was a hard decision, but I would say separate because each set has its own unique "thing" to it. Like the Ice Pro has a sawblade while the Jungle Pro has the bow kinda gun. And the build appear to be slightly different, since Fire Pro has smaller arms.

Oh, and for more hype and views smile


This was pretty much my thought process, like with the Toa Mata from 2001, in a way.

I would choose the "All in one" package because the idea of doing six separate reviews, in my opinion, would be solely to inflate the video count, and as the Protectors are (from what we've seen) all similar, yet each unique, but not Toa Mahri unique (which warrants a separate vid for each IMO), so one video in which you review them all separately would be the way to go. Kinda like when you reviewed the 10023 Bionicle Master Builder set.


I'd say separate videos because, while they're similar, they have a lot of differences, more so than, say, the Toa Mata, who all got their own reviews...

(also I expect to see every single blue pin in existence being called out)

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I'd say all at once, but I'm unsure because the sets look unique enough to validate seperating videos.

They all seem different enough from each other, so I say separate.

For me, They are more diffrent then the Toa Mata/Nuva from 2001/2002, diffrent enought.

As long as you can get all the fist wave sets done in time for wave two. That's possible even with the defenders split up right?

I think all single videos. These sets are really hyped, I think we're all going to want to see you pick through every detail of them.

Or perhaps, how about doing 2 per video? More time to discuss them, but still enough stuff to review for a whole video.

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I agree with @LQ1998, I don't think they are all so different to warrant their own video.

We get what we want without wasting too much time :smiley:

I'd like them in separate videos, but if you don't have the time, either way works wink

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I agree with LQ1998 except that I think it should be 3 per video.

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I was going to say all in one video, because they look fairly similar to each other. But I changed my mind, and going in-depth with just one set at a time might be a better solution.