Poll: Roleplay

I have consulted the Lords of the RPs and we have agreed to come before you together.
We have all agreed that the roleplay community as a whole is thriving. However, we are spread thin so that none of the individual RPs are very active or fun.

I have consulted with them and we have agreed that -if the people would vote for it- we lords would join together and devote our energies to a single community roleplay topic
I present to you
@Nyran, Lord of Beginnings
@Leoxandar, Lord of Dystopia,
@Toa_Of_Shadows, Lord of the Night
and I am Veneras, Lord of the Koros.

We want to hear your thoughts: what would interest you most

  • Continuation of the origional line
  • Preservation of golden years
  • Dystopian alternate universe
  • 2015 universe
  • Completely new story with new mysteries and a new lore (give ideas below)
  • none. Let's be split and have options.

Dystopian alternate universe.



I don't think this is really necessary. People will join whichever RP they want to, and asking people to focus on just one is kinda not cool.


This is a good point. I don't want to see any of the RP's go away.

Especially the Faction War, Eljay Fanfic, and TTV Infinity.


But they do bring up a good point


Quite frankly, merging the RPs will create more of a mess than having individual RPs would. The problem is that different people will run the games they set up in different ways, thus creating fundamental thematic differences in the core of the RPs. So merging them all together forcing them to align with one direction, this means that only a small group of people, perhaps even as low as one person, will be playing the game they wanted to make, and everyone will just have to settle for what they get.


Something like humans in Bionicle would be VERY AWESOME and would CERTAINLY be something I sign up for. But we shouldn't focus on one genre.


Don't make people do one thing. It just leads to more trouble.


Analogy time: This is kinda like if you went to a restaurant that served various types of food, like burgers, pizza, pasta, fish, and so on. You like the restaurant's food, but it doesn't get a lot of customers getting each individual dish. So the owners decide that "Since not enough people are getting the individual dishes, we should just combine them all into one dish!" And then you go to the restaurant and are served a mixture of pasta, fish, and burger.

My point is that variety is not a bad thing. It might seem better to consolidate, but really all you're doing is making the few participants you have angry.

That's my thoughts.


I'm supposed to be part of this whole combination thing and I voted for the option to keep them separate.

I agree with Slime completely.

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It's more like if there were four restuarants, one served burgers, one served fish, one served pasta, and one served pizza.

Everyone can eat what they want, but there's only like two people per restuarant. Everyone eats alone and it takes forever to get your food since there's a small staff.

As a result, a single resturaunt is designed that carries all of the options so that the people can eat what they want, get their food quickly, and not be alone.

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But you see, the RP's aren't compatible. Era and Nynrahn can't combine with ENB, and none of the others could either. I think Slime's analogy was correct.

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It would be more that the leaders would combine efforts. Not settings. It would be a new story, not a mashup.

But what happens when people want or prefer a different story or setting?

That's what this vote is for.

This analogy isn't correct because with this new restaurant you wouldn't be serving all four options. You'd be serving one new item, one that has traces of the four items. Sure, some people might like it, but the vast majority of people don't want their pasta tasting like burgers and fish.

This idea would be fine on its own, but not as a replacement for the current RP system. If you look at the poll, you can see that very few people support this.


I do see that. It's obviously not going to happen.

I just thought having four chefs might make things better quality (I won't let this analagy go)

I know that, I was just asking about within your hypothetical situation. Peoples tastes change. wink

(sorry for the double post but some one else posted right before I hit the button)

If you made one high quality dish it wouldn't match the tastes of everyone. Those who liked it would be very satisfied but all may not like it.

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Well clearly the people have spoken.

I personally believe characters are more important than setting,
I would rather devote my characters to a single active setting, regardless of where/what it is.

but others seem to disagree.