POLL: Total Collection

I’m somewhat interested in seeing how many people collect how many sets from the Bionicle line. This is just something I was interested in doing for fun.

  • I have all the sets from both Gens
  • I have all the sets from Gen 1
  • I have all the sets from Gen 2
  • I have some from both Gens
  • I have no sets from Bionicle

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Thanks for reading and for voting.


I am no way near finishing a G1 collection. Frankly, I don’t care. I am focusing all the money on G2, and I’m still missing a few sets.


im working on collecting everything up to inika, but its gonna be tough since i start uni this year

The only year I can see myself completing is G2, since I honestly don’t really have the ability or interest in completing G1.

I used to have a lot of gen 1 sets. But lost most of them in a move.

I would be missing 5 protectors and 3 skullies to have all of G2

I will NEVER complete G1, there’s just too many sets for me to get. Besides, i’m focusing on G2.

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only complete wave I own is the entirety of 2015.

I need to get Umarak the Destroyer, Lava Beast and Storm Beast to complete my G2 collection thus far.

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There are way too many sets for me to get them all. Plus, my parents would say no. :sweat:

Still missing protector of ice, skull scorpio, and skull slicer to finish 2015 ;-;

I’m trying to grab all the villain sets from gen 2 and some toa. my gen 1 sets are a mixed bag due to the fact i had to pick and choose the sets i wanted most

This doesn’t apply to me but what if you have some sets from one gen but none from the other?

Do you go with option 4? But that’s still a direct contradiction.


Unfortunately, I’d just say go ahead and post about it and not vote. I thought about it, but then second guessed myself and figured that wouldn’t be the case for all that many people.


Trying to collect all of G1 would be a nightmare for me since I barely have any of them. As for G2, I almost have every set, the only ones I’m missing are the 2016 summer sets and a couple 2016 winter sets.

The only time I’ve actually collected sets to keep them was in 2015.

Otherwise, it’s always been either incomplete collections or accumulation over time, wherein I did end up owning every set, though many of them were already broken down for moccing beforehand.

I’ve got a few from G1, a few from 2016, and all of the 2015 sets. Vote cast.

I’ll go with the first one.

@Eljay when have you completed your G1 collection? I’m asking because I know that you got into bionicle roughly at the same time as myself. And what was your last set? I personally completed it in April 2015, my last set being Tahu Stars.

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EDIT: Scratch that. Jan 2015 was when I got Karzahni. My last set was Lesovikk, and that did come in April. So we’re tied in that respect. =P What day did you get Tahu? @Altair

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I don’t remember because the set arrived around my birthday (12th of April), but there was one freaking wrong piece so the guy had to send me the proper one. So it probably arrived the 25th or close to that day.

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