POLL: Total Collection

Okay, we’re very close in that case. Mine got to me around April 9th.

Either way, glad to have someone else in the Complete Collection Club. =P

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since I wasn’t able to complete the g1 collection I wanted to complete the g2 one, but I failed again…

I’v got all of G2 so far and only most of 06-08 with some randoms from other years

I wish I had all of G2.

I probably could if I could drive and I had a little bit more money, especially now when all the sets I’m missing for last year are dropping in price.

A complete G1 collection? Ha, that’s a laugh! It’s frankly impossible now if you’re starting from almost scratch, considering the prices some early sets are. Thankfully for me I already had all the Toa Mata, but getting things like the vehicles or the exclusives like Lesovikk is a financial nightmare for most people.

I wish that there was a “I have all the sets from G2 and about a third of the sets from G1”
Cus I have every Toa/Glatorian/Master/Uniter from 2006-2016.

But Eljay, no one has ALL the sets from G1, because only five people have the sand tarakavsa set.


I don’t have many SETS from G1, as such, but I have a ton of assorted parts from things like garage sale and eBay. I’ve always said one day I’ll see how many sets I can build, but then I never do…


There needs to be a “I have most sets from G 1” and a “I have most sets from G 2” option.


Got a few from G2 and a sizable chunk of G1 sets, of which I’m working on finishing collecting when whatever extra cash i can get my hands on decides to appear. however i can’t get anything from the Ignition trilogy right now because my shelf for those is out of space as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking at my Bionicle Canister (I don’t keep the sets together, but I always keep the boxes/canisters) shelf right now and it looks like around 80% of my collection is from G1. However, I was into G1 for five years as opposed to two and a half years of G2. My estimation is probably off though, because I have a lot of sets with no canisters, like Titan sets, older sets from Ebay, or sets that I managed to put together with pieces I got from miscellaneous parts boxes. I plan on getting many more G2 sets, though!

I have all the sets from G2 and like 90% from G1

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In the G1 I dont have the sets because of a couple of reasons:

  • I was a child so I didnt know about Bionicle until 2005( Vakama Hordika was my first set)
  • Some sets were not avaible in my country for example Icarax
  • I dont have the money and I dont want to collect them
    In the G2 I dont have all the sets because I only want to buy the recomended sets with amazing function or a good design

Looks like there is that one person unfortunate enough to not have any Bionicle sets. So sadz.

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Eljay, I think you’re the only person who is ever going to buy all the sets!

TTV pays well, doesn’t it?:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have a job (and I don’t want one), so I know it’ll be next to impossible for me to get all Bionicle sets from G2.


His name will be written in the history books!


My G1 collection:

Onua Mata
Tahu Stars
Rahkshi Stars

All dismantled

My G2 collection is better, but not by much.

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Just too many sets to complete my G1 collection though I hope to get all Toa Mata, all Bohrok, all Bohrok Kal, all Piraka(Still miss Zaktan and Vezon), Mata Nui and atleast one of the Glatorian Legends and atleast one of the Stars so I can say I have atleast one set from each year.

And I will also not get a complete G2 collection due to not having enough money so I just get the sets I want most.

All the G2 sets (and released non-competition masks/polybags) except for the Mask Of Creation cape pack.

Probably got quite a lot of the G1 sets, but not a complete collection.

There needs to be I have some sets from one generation but not the other option. I’d imagine it applies to very few people here, but alas, I no longer have my G1 collection, and I don’t feel like buying every G2 set out there.

Gen 1 Missing most of the Rahi, Mistika, Glatorian Legends, Agori, and Vehicles.
Gen 2 Missing pretty much all of 2016.

I have every G2 SET(none of those promotional bags and such) except for LoSS, not planning to get him.
All I got from G1 is a shell of Turaga Whenua, a almost complete Kurahk, the Nui-Rama, Takadox, Jaller Mahri, Matoro Mahri, and Hahli Mahri.