Poll: What lego theme should be revived?

  • Exo-Force
  • Knight's Kingdom
  • Power Miners
  • Alpha Team
  • Space Police

If you would like to see any other themes revived, leave a comment below!


I think Dino Attack should be revived! That theme was awesome! smile

Also, how do you make a poll?


Oh I'm split Exo-Force space police. Guess I'll just go Exo-Force

I loved Dino Attack too! I can't believe I forgot it!

no Atlantis?

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Oh My Gosh! I loved that too! I'm gonna need to talk to a moderator to edit the poll.

Rock Raiders where are you?!

(Yes, I do make the distinction between Power Miners and Rock Raiders.)


Man, I was a fan of all of those. Exo-Force: loved the mecha. Knight's Kingdom: the knight constraction figures were cool; it would be neat to see them with a CCBS build. Power Miners: I liked them because of the mining machines and the crystals; I wanted them to find Onu-Koro (ridiculous, I know). Alpha Team: cool because almost all of the vehicles had a transforming function. Space Police: very cool, but no Blacktron-type things. Maybe an upgrade for Space Police.

I might have to go with Exo-Force, because it never got redone by itself. If it came back at all, it came with the ninjas.

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Does anyone want Space Police back? I didn't get any sets from the first 2 runs, but I really liked the most recent one. frowning I would vote for it, but I'm going to stay out of the poll.


As I said above, I like them all, so if I could vote for them all I would; because I can only vote for one, I've gone with Exo-Force. Space Police was third on my list, though.

I see

Once we get an Exo-Force and a Power Miners-type revival, I'll be supporting Space Police full force.

By the way, you should check out these Space Police MoCs: http://davidglennsimmons.com/archive/MyLegoCreations/SPI-Redux.htm

Those. Are. AWESOME!! I especially like the Spytrak-1 and the SP-Striker. Thanks!

Space Police by far.

THANK YOU!! I was hoping someone would vote for it.

POLL: What Lego themes do you hope are never revived?

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It was my favorite LEGO theme until I discovered BIONICLE in 2012, and I would give up almost anything short of my LEGO collection to get it back.

I also was a fan of Knights' Kingdom II, even though I only got two of the sets, one at a garage sale and the other at a thrift store.

Power Miners was ok.

Never really cared about Alpha Team (for I believe 'twas before my time).

I liked Space Police, even got one of the sets (it was the little one with the robo-dog from the first wave) but, in all honesty, I was more invested in Mars Mission.

(Slizers, O Slizers, wherefore-art thou Slizers?)


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I also liked Mars Mission, and had almost all of the sets, but I preferred the Space Police sets.

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Um... Don't we already have a topic for this?


Or do you guys think this is different in some way?

I was not aware of that topic's existence. Also, now that we know what themes are coming back in 2015, this topic is for the future. Whether 2016 or 2160.

Well, we ought to not have posts with tiny differences, and say they are completely different.

Plus, that topic is AFTER 2015. That still counts the future. As such, this topic is a duplicate. I'm sorry, but I have to close it.

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