Poll: Which mask should I use?

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so feel free to move it if I am wrong to put it here.

So, this character is essentially Takanuva, but Shadow. Still a good guy, or in this case a good girl. Since she is the equivalent of Takanuva in her universe, it would make sense for her to have a Kraahkan, right?

So, right now I have a Ruru, which I think looks pretty good. However, I think I might want to give her a Kraahkan instead, as that might make more story sense. But for a good guy, the Kraahkan looks a bit sinister, and I don't really like the look of the face side of it. I could also paint an avohkii black for her dimension's Kraahkan, since the Avohkii I have is really, really bend damaged anyway.

So, what is your opinion? Should I stick with the Ruru? Should I switch to a Kraahkan? If so, which side? Black Avohkii? Some other mask entirely?

I might make a black Avohkii anyway, as that could be used for a shadow Takanuva moc if I don't use it here. Unless I decide to make a pearl gold avohkii... not sure. Depends what is picked.

To aid your decision, here are some crappy edits to the original image:

May or may not keep the Ruru anyway, as to use it as a story component. Shadow is good in her 'verse, shadow is bad in the normal 'verse, making her slowly become evil. She takes of her Kraahkan to slow the process. Maybe...


personally, I think the Avohkii makes the most sense

it also looks the best

The avohkii, while overused looks good and makes sense. Paint it.

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I actually think the Ruru looks best.

Agreed. A black Avohkii would look best. It works okay for female characters and isn't generally seen in black, and it does make sense for her storyline. Might make even more sense for the Takanuva from her AU to have the gold Kraakhan.


The second one. That side of Teridax's mask I find subtly resembles the Avohkii which works well for the character.

3rd one, its the signature of Teridax.

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I'd say the kraahkan- the one with the larger eyes. It's kind of Teridax's symbol and is rather aesthetically pleasing.

...I may be biased though.

Black Avokkhi. Then the evil Takanuva can have a white or gold Kraakhan. (I know there was a white one, I just can't remember where it came from)

The second picture looks beat in my opinion.

There is no white Kraakhan. A gold one came in this set though!

I love the Krekan but the avohkii looks much better on her

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I was planning to go get some tomorrow. I need a new tripod anyway. What's a good spray satin paint/clear coat?

For the sake of being able to count votes easily, I'll just /poll.

  • Ruru
  • Black Avohkii
  • Snout Kraakhan
  • Face Kraakhan


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How did you do that? I would have, but couldn't figure it out.

[poll type=single or multiple]
- option
- option
- option

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The kraakhan face seems the best in my opinion

The Black Avohkii I think works not only because it looks cool, but can be sort of an irony, as the "Mask of Light" is turned into a darker, evil colour (or somethin :smile: )

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