[POLL] Worst/ Disappointing movies of 2018

A while back I did a poll where we discussed the best movies of 2018, but now it’s time to discuss the worst movies of 2018.

So, what’s the worst movies of 2018?
While I didn’t hate it as much as other people, I will say that Solo was the most disappointing to me from 2018. IMO, it’s an ok movie, but there is nothing really memorable about it.
Anyway, what do you think is the worst or most disappointing movie of 2018?

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • Another movie (Please specify)

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I haven’t watched a movie yet that would disappoint me (and I watched Solo too).

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What did you think of it?

Not as good as other movies, but was good enough for me to watch it again.


While I think is a good comedy movie, Johny English is on the list of the lowest rated movies of 2018 too.

Solo was not disappointing to me in any regard, it was much more enjoyable than I had expected.

I’d say Venom, not because I didn’t like it (I loved it), but because the reviews were awful for it.


Umm, I would reccomend actually listing some other 2018 movies. Just specifying Solo makes it seem like you’re prejudiced against it.


What an engaging list.


I tried to, but it was too late and I could not edit the list anymore. Also, I didn’t had any ideas other then Solo. Do you know how can I edit a poll?

Anyway, what other bad or disappointing movies should I add?

Sorry dude, I don’t know how.

As for movies, I would just look through a list of movies that came out.

I thought tomb raider was a little more disappointing.

Put Infinity War on the list. See how it pans out.

Nice that the options are

a. Solo

b. Anything else


Pacific Rim: Uprising.


That was pretty pathetic.

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O told you I could not edit it anymore. Suggest more bad movies and I might do another poll

It wont let me vote, but my worst movie for the year is Batman Ninja. I already ranted about it in the movie’s tooic, but long story short it rocket-jumped over the shark, dragged it out of the water, shot it, and played hopskotch over it’s corpse.


I closed to poll untill I gather enogh bad movies to make a new poll.

I don’t really think you need one.

Just make a general list of movies, like Infinity War, antman, Mission Impossible: The Mustache that Justice League died for, The nun, Deadpool 2, Crazy Rich Asians, ect.