Ponewa, Toa Metaga of Stone (Created By Toa BionicleFactory)

"You've just won a trip to prison... whether you like it or not." (Front view, with blades)

"Get behind me, Turaga!" (Front view, blocking with shield)

(Front view, holding shield)

(Top view, with shield)

(Side view of torso)

(Back view, with blades)

@Mesonak @IllustriousVar @Eljay I posted it!


Pohatu what did they do to you!

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it's unique, I'll give it that, but as a whole I'm not a huge fan. The arms are weirdly stringy compared to the bulky body, and they also don't have elbows. The random red also throws it off a lot, and the torso looks very gappy.


Now others will disagree, but this is the kind of MOC I like to see. Using things that others don't usually use. Such as the weapons! Those Vahki weapons were so awkward to use elsewhere, but you've done a great job of making them look like decent Toa Tools. I absolutely love the build, it's very unique and matches up with his character. I'd say the only things to complain about are the use of CCBS (only a minor flaw) and the lack of two point arm articulation. Good job with putting those Vahki arms in, but in the end, it just looks a bit weak. However, overall imo you've done a smashing job.


You're welcome. Now, as you're new, you don't know this, but double posting's(posting twice in a row) against the rules,. you can find that and other rules here

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LOL Yeah, I made an entire team of Toa whose names are combinations of Toa from G1 canon (even "Metaga" is a fusion of "Metru" & "Hagah"):

Torik, Toa Metaga of Fire
Gakama, Toa Metaga of Water
Koju, Toa Metaga of Ice
Latau, Toa Metaga of Air
Ponewa, Toa Metaga of Stone
Whemonga, Toa Metaga of Earth

There's also a previous Toa team who either became the Turaga of the island (doesn't have a name yet) or died:
Patako, Turaga of Fire
Gyef, Turaga of Air (He's hiding behind Ponewa in the above picture)
Kallif, Toa of Jungle (deceased; went insane & killed the other Toa; was in turn killed by the other two surviving Toa to stop his rampage)
Other Members (deceased)

Only Ponewa, Whemonga, Kallif, Patako, & Gyef have been built so far, though Patako & Kallif have been disassembled. I could build Torik using the same build as Ponewa, since I have Nuurahk, at least two different red Kanohi, & some more CCBS pieces.

Yeah, I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to MOCing. I don't have many pieces, either.

  1. I did realize that the arms are pretty thin, but I don't have any other brown parts aside from the ones on Pohatu Nuva (whom I am keeping assembled) & the brown head from the Vahki that all of the other brown parts came from (aside from the mask).
  2. The elbows are also a valid complaint, but can't be fixed for the same reason as #1.
  3. I agree completely. If I had black versions of those pieces, by all means, I would use them.
  4. Thanks for the advice! smiley

1. I'm glad you liked them! smiley It was either the Zadahk staffs, the Nuurahk staffs, a buzzsaw, or two Thornax launchers that shoots zamor spheres, so I went with the first option since I already used almost all the pieces from that particular Vahki.
2. Why is CCBS an issue? I'm confused. confused
3. See #1 & #2 on my reply to @Calvatron .
4. Thanks! smiley

Starting score: 5/10

Consistent colour scheme, consisting of brown, gunmetal grey, and bits of black. +1
Custom torso build that appears to be sturdy. +1
Standard posability in the legs. +1
Weapons combine to create shield. +1

Lack of elbow joints. -1
With the Kakama, he looks too much like Pohatu. -1
Red stands out too much. -1
Shoulder articulation seems limited. -1
Very gappy torso build. -1

Adding up all that, overall, I give it 4 out of 10
Also, how do I pronounce that? Is it PWN-wah, or pahn-he-wah?

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Actually a 4/9.

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Hmm... I decided to translate their names into matoran... It is, well, interesting.
Torik= Fire authority/command, Could be said to mean controller of flame.
Gakama= Water moving, best translated into river.
Koju= Ice intelligence, and I have no idea what to make of that.
Latau= Air mind/will, possibly scatterbrained?
Ponewa= Stone steadfast foundation, meaning basically what it sounds like, a sturdy stone foundation.
Whemonga= Underground plains first/one, which like Koju, I have no idea what to make of.
Patako: Stone* fire ice, which could mean a volcanic glacier field, maybe.
Gyef: Doesn't translate.
Kallif: Only the first bit, "Kal" translates. The matoran word "kal" means either action/cabability, or seeking/sensing power.

  • I loosely translated "pa" into "po", the matoran word for stone.

1. The first Toa Metaga I made is Whemonga, and since he resembles Onua, I decided to continue the aesthetic with Ponewa. Plus, the only other brown-ish masks I have are Hewkii's Kakama & the Mask of Stone, both of which are burnt orange & would have stood out too much. I suppose I could have used the Sanok instead, which would have worked perfectly since it's gunmetal grey.
2. I have no other brown parts, so unfortunately he's stuck with those arms.
3. If I had those pieces in black, by all means I would swap out the red for black.
4. The shoulders work pretty well, actually.
5. po-NE-wa (short E sound)
6. Thanks for the review! smiley

The translations do fit their characters pretty well.Thanks for taking the time to translate! smiley

That's ok! Oh yeah sorry I didn't elaborate on my CCBS complaint. I love CCBS, I think it's a wonderful system, but it is violently different from the original bionicle building system. So, seeing the two together is - as I said before - a violent clash and ends up looking a bit odd. But hey, he's still good.

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I edited it to include the Turaga's names as well, and thanks, I rather enjoy translating names into matoran.

Also, here's a link to the dictionary I use:

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When I'm online, I usually reply to people's reply to my reply as soon as they reply to my reply but when I clicked the reply button to reply to your reply to my reply my computer crashed and I made mac n' cheese so here have an ostrich

But anyway,

How so?

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In that case then, I get what you mean. I think of the CCBS parts as extra armor he wears in addition to the armor that's part of his anatomy.

Patako's name comes from his original color scheme, which had brown, red, & white. So I combined all of those prefixes together to make his name.
Gyef = Jeff, just spelled differently.
Kallif was created by removing letters & changing the spelling of "California," but "seeking power" definitely fits.

I so confuzzled. XP

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I just meant with the way the hand pieces that connect the arms are it doesn't look like they can go down all the way.

I've always wanted to see 2015 Pohatu with Hewkii's kakama. Could you post that?

I know, I understand why that is, and personally I don't mind, but it is still a con.

You should be.

I ripped off Eljay. :smile:

Mmmm. Mac n' cheese.

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Sure! smiley I've wondered that myself.

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Obviously because you have only 4 pro's and 5 con's and if you do the math it adds up to a total of 9 not 10.

Oh, well thats not how I do my rating. I start out with a score of 5/10, and cons subtract points from that score, pros add to it. It's not about how many pros or cons. Example:

Starting score 5/10

Good colour scheme of green and lime. +1
Well built. +1

He's mean. -1
Gold sticks out on the mask. -1

Overall score: 5/10

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This is as far down as his arms go:

It's mainly because of the method I used to make the shoulders higher & wider:

G2 Pohatu with Burnt Orange Kakama


I should probably mention, that throwing my reviewing method aside, my ACTUAL opinion of this moc is 9.8/10.
why 9.8, instead of 10? I never really give anything a full 10, because nothing is perfect.

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