Ponnik, Toa of Stone

Ponnik, one of my attempts at a neat Metru build. Not always one my most successful attempts.

He admittedly could easily pass a Toa Ahkmou moc.

I think for the second one I tried to… I don’t actually have an explanation for the changes lol. However his black arms and chestplate to me sort of resemble a sweater, so at least he’s cozy.

I admit, I really don’t care for his previous incarnations, but I think I’ve finally hit one I like. Still not sure about the Carapar-thighs although I’m not sure what I’d replace them with. Still could totally pass as Toa Ahkmou, now he even has his chest as well as his mask!

So what do you think? I’d say he’s gotten better with time, personally.


I like the usage of the Carapar armor and the shadow trap pieces.

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Thank you, I have to say I think the shoulders really helped the third rendition, combined with the armor I thought gave him a sturdier look.