Poseable constraction hand design (sketch-up)

I don’t have the means to realize this design myself, but if anyone is interested in modeling it themselves feel free to do so.

Obviously this is my improvement on the recently discovered bootleg hands, I thought they were a good starting point, but had some severe shortcomings, so this is my improved design.
I truly think these could be the future standard for moc hands.

And as always, thank you for viewing.


Man these constraction hands are really blowing up.

These look good! Only addition I have is a axle in the middle of the palm

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so… from your point, what are the flaws of the bootleg hands? aside from the ball joint instead of a socket?

Lack of ball joints at the base of the knuckles?

The aforementioned ball joint, but also the digits were more limited than I was complacent with, the fingers had no splay to them, and the thumb constantly juts out awkwardly, as well, the fingers were missing a joint, which I found really awkward looking, and the jointing of the fingers made them look odd.
So I improved the jointing of the hand, 3 joints in the fingers, and added a hinge to give the thumb a more natural range.