Possess-a-Fig Contest Winners!

Okay, so this might not be October 31st, so my apologies in advance. Busy, busy, busy… Regardless! Here they are!

1st place goes to… @ProfSrlojohn with the State Trooper Greg and Manbun Guy minifigures!
2nd place goes to… @Square with the Scal the Rebel and Richard the Roleplayer minifigures!
3rd place goes to… @Darknova3529 with the Little johny Informant minifigure!

Thank you to all of those who participated! Expect to see these discussed in a video we’re working on now and congratulations to the winners!

This contest was sponsored by The LEGO Group on account of the prizes we sent to the first and second place winners. LEGO did not ask us to run a contest. What we did with that they sent us was entirely up to us.



Will the video talk about all the entries or just the winning entries?

Wait, so I won first place with only 2 figs? I thought it was 3 for first place?

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Only the winners.

Whoops, looks like I forgot one. But yes, it was all three.

Cool beans. Just checking.