Post the worst moc that you've ever posted here

Heeeeey! I remember that! [quote=“Lugztina, post:112, topic:23761”]
this was only about 8 months ago.

pffff, that was 8 months ago? Dang time goes by fast…


Yeah. I remember it as clear as day too. I remembered that my mindset was to emulate fitness girls by putting the Nuva shoulder armor in those positions. Unfortunately it didn’t work but it was a nice attempt at it at least.

There was one particular phrase about the rear that I remember. It’s infamous with her now. I’m not going to say it though but it’s in the topic.

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Wile I never poster this one on the boards, I did post an updated version of this guy here a while ago.
Here’s the old version.

Dear god I sucked


the legs look pretty cool. clunky and weird, but cool

The lowest I ever got:




I don’t have a picture of it, but I once built a MOC that was basically the Protector of Earth mutated into this weird spider- thing with a really long neck. It was basically impossible to pose, had no stable constructions, a really, REALLY weird custom hand design, and the neck was actually so long and the forelimbs attached so poorly it basically was incapable of standing stably, even with four limbs. (I might add that its back legs were hilariously small, so I don’t even want to entertain the thought of it trying to stand up on its hind legs, never mind the fact that its arms would constantly be up in the air and it wouldn’t be able to look in any direction other than straight up)

EDIT: Also, @Zekester, that MOC is actually really awesome IMO. Only complaint I have is it’s a little gappy.

Haha I remember that one and I may have been a little too aggressive here but it’s awesome to see how you improved in only 8 months!

the name shows it all.


“He may seem SKINNY and WEAK but he is tge strongest”
Lol what?

He has elemental bleach powers that’s why

this is mine

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I have yet to upload my true worst, which was also my one of my first 3 ever mocs but until then have this close second!

This includes all of his first forms and I’m still pretty disappointed in his current one.

Ya’ll too humble lego is a medium for artistic impression and the gradual progression through failures and success is part of what shapes you long-term as a creator.

Unless you make female mocs with Rhakshi heads tho just super sayayayayayin.


Tell that to BioRockDude :stuck_out_tongue:

The third one is just hideous

Honestly I think those all look pretty nice. Most of the mocs in this topic do, to me.

I guess that says something about my own moccing skills

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Don’t worry, I had the same thought. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for myself, I’ve only ever posted one MOC on here (one of about five that I’ve posted online ever). It’s probably poor by most people’s standards, but I thought it was decent:

That’s supposed to be Helryx for all you playing at home.

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If mocpages was still a thing or I still had some of my pictures I would. “Junk camo”; was I really that bad that I had to make excuses for not even bothering with good colors schemes?
I mean technically I posted this picture here though it’s topic was on mocpages among all my other “junk Camo” mocs on mocpages
This guy I didn’t even use a lego based mask.

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