Post your ideas for MOCs that you can't build yet!

This topic is for those who have neat ideas for MOCs or MOVs but don't have the pieces to do so. My idea was that someone could use Barraki mandibles on a revamp of Skull Scorpio!


I've yet to properly work on a species I've sort of been planning.

The name alludes me. Is that bad? :stuck_out_tongue:

A tyrant that I scrap for parts and still trying to develop.


I'm making a moc called "The Lord of Shadows", it's going to be pearl gold, trans purple and black, it will be completely custom (custom torso, custom legs etc) and will use the Chi Panthar buildable figure head.
I've got the most of the body, legs and arms done but I will have to wait until next year to buy the exo force arms, gold claw pieces and Chi Panthar head from bricklink (because my parents won't let me order anything else this year due to a largish order I made earlier).

the X series where I build all of my Gearian ideas in a new titan form where their abilities are further enhanced but I'm stuck on Mark 10 X (my self moc)

My Brian runs wild.

I feel like Charlie Sheen...


I have a bricklink order on it's way for two mocs I'm making:

A kind of "Makuta of Deception," that's gonna be a very pure looking makuta, but I'm gonna look for a way to hint at a little evil under him,

And a snake using the beast jaws as scales. I dunno how this one will work.


I've been trying to make an octopus in a suit. I just can't seem to get its tentacles right. :confused:

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Also, if you do have the pieces needed for someone else's idea, you can post pictures of it if you like.

How about a Bionicle rendition of Audrey 2?



I gotta get Umarak, so I can have his mask and a few other important pieces.

But it's a hybridization of Umarak (obviously from Bionicle G2) and Valla (the "official" Demon Hunter from Diablo III). Imagine Umarak, but female, and instead of one giant hunting bow she has two of the DH's signature hand-crossbows.

It will be done. I just gotta get Umarak for it.

Whatever it takes.

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I've had these lower arm and hand designs for ages, but I am both lacking in parts and unable to come up with a good design for the rest of the MOC.


I'm currently building an Av-Makuta MOC, stuck with the lower torso. The legs alone are about twice as tall as Uniter Pohatu.

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I've been thinking about making some Star Wars stuff.

I want to make two more of the Spirits of Death, a group of Mocs of mine, one in trans-orange-ish red and silver and one in trans-purple and silver twice the size of the rest, which are about Pohatu's height at most.

New versions of my main villains have been on my list pretty much all year, mostly due to my revamping of most of the G2 villains that are currently taking up my entire shelf.

I've been wanting to make upgraded versions of the Bahrag. The concept would kind of be like with Groudon and Kygore.. The MOCs would be beefed up and overall better looking versions of the Bahrag before they went into their dormancy.

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Fun story about this.

Just five hours later (actually three, but it's five now), Umarak is on his way to my house.

So yay. The project will be underway in just a few days.

I'm working on 5 MOCs that I can't build right now. FIVE.
All of which being Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse themed.
I mainly can't make them because I'm in the process of moving. But maybe, when I get all my parts out, I can make them. With the help of Bricklink of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What kind of suit would an octopus wear?

...I guess after so long sleeping takes a toll on your body and you start to devolve?

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