Posts and Icon Replace message/search/profile Bar

I figure that this is probably temporary considering TTVs experimentation with CSS, but the current bug can have some funny results like this:

or this:


This has happened before. It's not as much of a problem as before.

This was actually the major reason I've been experimenting in an effort to figure out what is causing that to happen.

We had the problem awhile ago and instead of fixing it we just made a work around to avoid it, but in doing so it left a really ugly banner at the top of the boards that I wan't more flushed.

As of right now, I've determined it's a z-index issue, but fixing it has been quite a nuisance because it seems the boards have a separate CSS file that cannot be changed. Whatever attribute that's on it is conflicting with one of our custom styles causing the container to overlap the navbar. Since I can't access the CSS file, it's hard to figure out just what is conflicting so it's basically just been a period of trial and error.

With that said, it appears to be behaving much better then it used to so I believe I've almost fixed the problem.

As of right now, if you experience this glitch refreshing should repair it.

(oh and I added bigger avatars, as well as made them round 'cause I thought it looked nicer along with a few other subtle graphical changes most people likely won't notice.)


I understood no part of this paragraph.

Anyway, at least as it is now, you can still click your notifications, profile button, an search function. It looks messy, sure, but at least it works.

Also, try to avoid using the back button, that tends to bring the glitch up.

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I know right

So uh, if refreshing the page doesn't make the glitch go away, try refreshing again. I've never fixed it with one refresh.

der's a big button that makes everything look pretty that the boards wont let me push :worried:



Did these graphical changes include the removal of the Kahi sprite in the background



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