Posts out of order

So, I was scrolling down to the bottom of a topic, and the site was loading the next set of posts, and as that little circle at the bottom of the page was spinning, I remembered I could skip to the bottom by clicking on the post number thing at the side. So I did. Okay, great, I had two spinning wheels now. The top one stopped spinning first. Then when the page loaded, the 20 most recent posts were showing, and then beneath them were the middle 10, with the first ten at the top where they belonged. Something like this:
1-- 20 in order
30--50 in order
21--29 in order

The post counter to the side worked normally, though.


In the three days since this post has been made, has this issue persisted?

I apologize for neglecting it, but I have been trying desperately to keep up with the entire rest of the site too.

Its happened a couple times on my tablet (my guess is it's because my tablet is slower, and not that it's mobile) Never encountered it on my computer.

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Yeah, Mobile is sketchy, and is unlikely to be fixed anytime soon, so I do apologize but I'm afraid that's an issue that's low on the admin's priority list by the sounds of it.