Potao Remake this time no joke!

Okay now for reals!

main pic and you can see how I changed the legs

side view and you can also see the wierd popping out leg armour which isnt that bad when you get used to it
oh and double swords!

back view you can also see another thing I added also which do you prefer of the bohrok eyes trans red or pearl gold
(I will change the red pins on everything to black pins dont worry)

which potao do you prefer,
First potao
OmegaUltraFinalFormPotao(will be posted somewhere in the replys!)
new potao

also contest whoever can figure out the difference between the left and right leg will get the instructions to omega final form potao also more pictures IGNORE THE ONES WITH THE FIRE PIECE https://www.flickr.com/photos/125688867@N07/sets/72157645549337437/



How did you get those custom pieces to fit so well with the mask? stuck_out_tongue

I use the magic of omega tahu and tuma


Best MOC, or Best MOC?

I'm going with Best MOC.

Nah m8, i tink best MOCC

should I make a tutorial?

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also I am selling the magical new custom parts 1 goggleplex euro per bag EDIT:these arent those cheap ass potato chips in your freezer these have special hhhhheeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbsssssss mannnnnn


That would be great. This is one of the most complex Toa I've ever seen. Trust me, I'm a Toa-Ologist. I study them for a living.

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each custom part consists of 5 pieces making this a 26 part set it also costs 10 euro

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EDIT: no review instead contest look at the new post ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ there to get caught up in the dream

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(what the people above me were talking about)


I really like your MOC and your final form version makes me hungry. #cannibalism

lol thanks