Potential Holes in G3 Plot

After listening to the different discussions of G3, there are a few things I am confused about. These are either details that weren’t discussed, or things I just didn’t notice getting answered somewhere. If they actually were answered, let me know.

  1. When the toa become toa, how do they know to search for the Mask of Time? I know the rahkshi act like they’re stopping them from getting the mask, but do they even know of its existence upon transforming? The Elemental Gods don’t actually speak to be able to tell them.

  2. When the toa return to the unfrozen villages, how do the matoran know who they are? Will they have to explain that they are fellow matoran (their king in Kopaka’s case)? The way it’s set it up, it sounds like the matoran know just by looking at them (as if they weren’t even taller or something… XD).

  3. How can Tahu be “controlled” into using the Mask of Time a second time, if only one mask power can be in effect at a time? I actually have a possible solution for this one, using the Nuva symbols (without the extra fetch quests).

The Rahkshi as matoran collect the mask fragments to bring Makuta back, however, he is only sealed and would only need the Nuva symbols. They think he’s just dead and needs reviving, so they get the mask.

I see the mask as one that not only needs stronger energy to use, but one that isn’t supposed to be used by lesser beings (so only used by the 3 brothers and maybe the elemental gods). Since they are only matoran, it backfires and freezes the island. The backfiring mutates them into Rahkshi, since they lack the energy to withstand it. The Mask of Control effects on the cult prevent them from freezing (per the discussion in one of the episodes).

They then see the Toa and think they could make it work with their stronger energy. The Toa collect each fragment to unfreeze the island, and discover each of their Nuva symbols embedded in the wall at each shrine. They already think they are supposed to do this due to the Rahkshi guiding them in their act, but the symbols being with the fragments further their belief that they are doing the right thing (that they’re destined to be there, since their symbol is there).

However, when their Toa energy enters the shrine, it reacts with the symbols and breaks Makuta’s seal. Neither the Toa nor the Rahkshi realized that this was the real reason. The Toa use the mask to unfreeze the island. Due to the Toa’s extra energy, they don’t get mutated like the Rahkshi, but it still shatters since they’re still not one of the ones allowed to use it.

They can then use the mask again in your original way of restoring Karzahni (restoring the ancient city that he’s trapped under).


Not to mention, why is it called Arthaka when he isn’t in it, this ‘G3’ seems like a re-hashed G1 if you ask me, the TTV have done reat ideas in the past and brickonicle could work buuut

Well, the point was to not have the island be named after the deity. So if they use Ekimu for the deity, and don’t want to use the name Mata Nui (Meso didn’t like the two-worded name), then Artakha is a good pick for the island.

As for the “re-hashed”, it is supposed to take concepts from G1. You can’t have a reboot of a franchise without keeping some classic traits of it in the new story. I think everything they’ve come up with so far is just fine. I’ve just noticed these few spots where questions can come up, so I’m trying to fill them in now before the story gets too far in.