Power Rangers: TTV

What have I dooooooone.

I will be posting my Power Rangers/TTV Crossover Fanfiction here.

First, a quick introduction:

The year is 2021, for 7 years Applego has ruled the world, with Moogle fighting to take control of the earth…Humanity is ruined, as a dangerous cult lead by iBIONICLE, Jangbricks and BlackSix takes too the streets and enforces Applego’s will, in the hopes Bionicle will return for the 3rd time.

Underground, have the earth’s only hope been awaiting in their sleep, awakened by their Mentor Greg , they are… THE POWER RANGERS TTV.

The team for what we know so far…

Mesonak: Red
Venom: Blue
Eljay: Green
Viper: Cyan
Kahi: Crimson
Invictus: Grey
Varderan: Black
Kini: Silver
Exx: Violet
Takuma: Lime

However, their influence upon the world, has lead too another team, a team of wannabe rangers, infected and turned evil!

Who will not be revealed, yet =3.

AppLego Rangers (Main Atagonists)

Red: JangBricks
Black: BlackSix

Now, get the hype for next Saturday Morning on Nickelodeon!


Yes, just yes.

Cool! Although I’m not sure about IBIONICLE being posed as the cult leader. Anyways, Nick, don’t mess this up! XD

I was waiting for this to happen. I knew it would come. I had a dream about it.

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I’m not a fan of Power Rangers but this has Moogles so I’ll keep my eye on it.

I’m aware of Moogles, but it’s just a name for the GoogleXMegablocks partnership, With Bill gates in the costume of a Moogle.

Megoogle blocks


OK, just please put Halo and Hello Kitty in somewhere with the bad guys (megoogle blocks). Like the Lego movie I guess, with Master Chief and Hello Kitty and Rangers megazord, and 3 other people. It would be hilarious

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Part 1 of Introduction! - Ready? Go!

Power Rangers TTV. Power Rangers to the rescue! (Go Go Go Go) Power Rangers TTV Power Rangers to the rescue! (Go Go Go Go) Heroes on your side, Heroes for all time, Out to save the universe! No matter where you are, If it’s near or far!

Mesonak! Go!

Venom! Go!

Eljay! Go!

Power Rangers Goooooooooooooo! ’

Power Rangers TTV. Power Rangers to the rescue! (Go Go Go Go) Power Rangers TTV. Power Rangers to the rescue! (Go Go Go Go) Heroes on your side, Heroes for all time, Out to save the universe! No matter where you are, If it’s near of far!

Viper! Go!

Varderan! Go!

Kahi! Go!

Power Rangers Gooooooooooooooooooo!

Greg watched the sun set, as he walked into his cave…

The year was 2021, Applego had taken over all… Greg knew he should have NEVER joined the 2015 Bionicle team, but he did…and so, the monstrosity he created has nearly destroyed all he loved…

There is hope however, this hope lies within Greg’s man cave, 5 beds with 5 corpses, Mesonak, Venom, Eljay, Varderan and Viper each lie in a bed.
Greg grabs his alarm, and awakens the TTV Podcast. Each Member awakens…
“You are the 5 to save this world, take these morphers and these weapons, go to the Wal-Mart near us, and take as many Constraction set’s and Technic sets as you can!” Commanded Greg!.

Knowing the importance and the power Greg wields, the 5 set off for Wal-Mart…

This is not supposed to make any sense at all.

Part 2 of Introduction! - Ready? Go!

The 5 approach the Wal-Mart, confronted by multiple hooded bandits!

“Uh, I dink who gotta probwem boss!” Exclaimed one of the bandits. “These foolish fools are nothing! Take them all out!” Said the other Bandit.

The Bandits approached the Podcasters.
" Let’s use the Gregamorphers guys! We can’t fight in this state!" Yelled Mesonak.
“Ha wek losah” Said one of the bandits.

“Welcome to TTV! I’m Mesonak! Red! Go!” Yelled Mesonak as he Transformed into TTV Red.
"Mardi Grass"Exclaimed Var.

The Red ranger activated his Multicoloured horns, and lighting struck out of them!

“Power of the horns! Go Meso!” Shouted Mesonak.
The Bandits dodged the shot quickly, as if it was nothing but a mere Nerf bullet.

“Let me show you how it’s done, Power of the Symbiote! Venom Blue! Go!” Shouted Venom.
Venom punched the Bandit while transforming, then caught another by the ear and threw Her at a window.


Yes, just yes. Always was a fan of Power Rangers, and this will be absolutely glorious.

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What are the costumes supposed to be? Bioman? Dekaranger? Go Go V?

I’m going to imagine Megaranger/Bioman hybrids until proven wrong.

It’s a mix of Dekaranger and Megaranger.

So…the A Squad.

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The T squad?

You did get the joke, right?



Dekaranger/ SPD and Megaranger/Space was what I was thinking. TTV even sounds like SPD.

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