Pre-story Ideas

This is a bit cliché, but while listening to the podcast they mentioned the air/water tribe being religious. They also mentioned that one of the two believed in the toa. Two ideas came to mind, one is a call back to Mystery of Metru Nui where the matoren did not believe that Vakama and the others became toa and that something similar could happen. Example:
Jalla-Narmoto, why did you paint all of your armor red? Cosplay?
Tahu- What, noo! I have been chosen by Iker to be a toa.
Jalla- (Bursts out laughing) Oh forgive me, I did not think that my friend was so imaginative.

Something like that, I don’t want Tahu to have that “am I meant for this” ark, but I thought that it would be a good example. Another could be that Ekimu and Makuta remark that the toa look different than the original six, but are startled when they meet Voriki. Again, I know this is cliché but it is a thought.


This brings up a detail that I was wondering for a while. How do the matoran know who the toa are after the unfreezing? Does Tahu have to explain that he’s Narmoto, but now a toa?

I had that plus a few other plot hole details brought up in one of my older posts.


Puts up a wonderful idea… Fake toa…

Not wonderful but a issue… I am on the short side of the leg debate…
But if Toa and matoran is gonna be equal hight… This would be a very likely senaro.

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Good comedy, at least.

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I’d really like to see a throwback to stiff/hardcore MNOG Jaller, so I can easily imagining this actually happening.

Another idea I just had was with the G1 matoren tribes was to combine first syllable with the matoren part. Po-matoren to Potoren, Ta-matoren to Tatoren, etc. etc. I know that the TTV cast did not want names like this, (because it sounded racist cough) but it may work.

I would think some characters would reveal their identity right away, while others would wait to reveal it.


Well, When you guys first discussed the matoren, you thought that (insert syllable)-matoren did not sound good, so I tried that experimental tribe name.

By the way, trying to hold it in but YOU GUYS ARE AWSOME!!! Really which I could talk with you guys. Also trying to build a prototype Pohatu for the constraction part of the line.

Its not a bad idea, but along with the place names it might be too much to remember.

Still, it may be necessary if we need to go island hopping in the future.