Hey Greg, for a while now something has been bothering me about the Prefixes and the words in the Matoran Language.
We know the prefix for the various elements are Ta, Ga, Le, etc and this seems pretty consistent. And when combined with other words like Koro, Wahi and Matoran, we get words like Ta-Koro (Fire Village), Ga-Wahi (Water Region) and Le-Matoran (Air Villager).
But then in 2007, we got the Kanohi Garai, the mask of Gravity, which made me curious as the Prefix for Gravity is Ba, but the name of the mask is supposed to be the Matoran word of the power is has, which would mean that Garai is the Matoran word for Gravity.
So does that mean that the Prefix for an element is not the actual word for that element and that each element has a different word in the Matoran Language?