PrehistoricEchoes' Art Dump

Just a few pictures I’ve done over the last two years or so.

Whera, Toa of Lightning. My oldest Bionicle OC, first built in 2005.

A freinds OC, Salkia, by ODSTGrievous on CBW.

A concept of Jevson, one of my oldest villains, in his specialized armorsuit.

A really old request from a friend, Saren Naghara, by Varkanax39 on CBW.

A newer one I did in July, Nokama Metru.

Gonna be doing more artwork soon, since I need to create a trailer for the Chronicler’s convergence. Anyway, thanks for viewing! Hope you liked them!


I really dig that Nokama


The art style is pretty good here, Nokama and Saren are my favorites. For being older, Saren looks better than some of the newer ones.

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wolf whistle

Anyway realistic and nice. I like that…

Grievous can’t be an ODST though… It’s not possible for a robot like him to survive a fall from orbit, even in an ODST pod!

Well, I mean, if Human marines can survive, you’d think an armored cyborg could.

Yeah, but Grievous probably has some medical condition that would prevent him. Probably. I know he’s basically armor and organs.

Why is it I get to every topic and my thoughts have already been said

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The Jevson concept is really cool! Your Nokama looks good, too!