Preston Stormer Remastered [Tablescrap]

Lets just say this first, this is just a tablescrap that I had no literal attempt or intent on making in the first place. I originally was going to get started on Makuta Valior again. But then I began to overthink designs and second guess myself. So after aggravating myself to a headache, I decided to let my pieces and the wind take me. But out of all of the characters I could revamp, this is it I guess. XD

View of the inside build. Including his filled in torso and sexy armpit pistons.

Front view. [I know painting and cutting/customizing parts is bad and considered cheating. But the only parts cut are the mask. The rest are either painted slightly or not changed at all.] He also has the holographic arm panel as seen in IFB. For added detail.

Back view. His weapon is seen on the right. It’s an ice-sword thingy. The back lower legs are difficult to fill in. So whatever. I tried. XD

Comments and critiques welcome!


Pretty cool, I was expecting this to be a trashy joke moc based on the title but it’s not bad. Tough I’m not a fan of the cut helmet.


What? HF?

Git bonkle or git out.

But seriously thought,he looks pretty cool.
I love the Hero core.

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Thanks! Even though I still need to replace the sharpie with acrylic paint.


Eh. It is what it is. Thanks! XD


Pretty cool, I like the little details such as the pistons and that thing on his lower arm.

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This looks pretty good. I wouldn’t have broken the helmet though. I think it makes it look slightly awkward.

Armpit pistons have nerd looked sexier :sunglasses:

I like the build overall and the moding on the head piece, though he is kinda lacking in weaponry, it would look better with a custome arm similar to the original stormers arm so overall a 7/10 a good MOC but needs some improvements

This is really well done, I love the distribution of the colours and the painted Hero Core, and the helmet, this is great. Good job. :smile:

That custom Hero Core looks pretty grand.

Nice MOC, simple but good.

I would have bought this if it was a set

I like the old mask better…
Overall, though, nice job!

huh, neat

The little round 1by1s take up space from additional armour-coverage. Still, good. (I don’t have any HF sets, so don’t take me seriously on this.)

The core is exquisite! The rest is good, too. I would’ve cut the entire jaw off the helmet, though.

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