pretty bad moc (better version in replies)

My own, original, bad moc. Its pretty bad (using lego digital designer because i can’t afford parts)



I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but it is generic. There’s nothing too original to this design. The Corroder shoulders look neat, though.


From only one picture I do think this MOC is neat. The great thing about LDD is experimenting with parts in colors that were never produced, and that allows this MOC to have many parts in dark blue which I’d love to have produced by LEGO. I like the color scheme, but I think a few more red accents would look great to compliment the head visor and core piece on the chest.

Not a bad MOC at all! It’s just a bit simplistic, but that doesn’t always equal bad.
I would use another helmet though…

It’s not bad, but a little basic

pretty frickin good

*notices size five metru blue shells

a better version (i guess…)