Pridak sketch

well got Pridak done… the Ignika looks awful though.


Sick! Love your shading! I think the Ignika looks great. :smiley:


hey it looks good, If that’s awful you should check my drawings you shouldn’t if you don’t want brain damage


Awesome, I like how you made the head

Very, shark-y, I like it.

This is amazing! I really like how simple it is, but how it gets the job done!

The Ignika looks great.

I really like all of your art, it has a very cool and specific style to it while still retaining the look of the original character.

Do you plan on doing the full team of Barraki? If so, that would be cool to see.

I’m really liking the style of these nice job! The Ignkia looks fine

Pridak looks excellent, really like the details. I will agree that the ignika does resemble that squashed mini mata nui mask, which was not very good. However, it does not ruin the whole sketch

Oh man, I LOVE IT!!!

As many others have said, the ignika looks great

I like your stylistic take on him, still very much pridak

kinda looks like he’d look like this in a miramax movie

Although you messed up on the Ignika (that’s fine, though. I hate drawing that mask too), I love your stylized portrayal of Pirdak. Definitely seems shark-like and I feel this is how if the Barraki had been featured in a Miramax BIONICLE film.

At least the Ignika doesn’t look like a potato with a stick figure carved into it, right? :stuck_out_tongue: