Pro Tips

This is a topic all about posting your pro tips regarding anything in life.
For example:
Pro Tip: When flagging a double post, only flag the second post and not the first/both.


ok I have a new tip Pro tip: Make shore you know what some one means before posting(Btw I'm sorry)

Protip: If you really wanna make a joke in a post, and not have it be spam, try hitting enter twice to go down two blank lines, and then typing in four -'s to divide the post and then say something legit.

Like this.


Pro Tip; Rather than pointing out someone breaking the rules via responding in a comment, simple flag or report them to a moderator/admin

Pro Tip; When making a topic be sure to check that their are no other similar topics that exist beforehand


Pro tip: check your facts before making a post somewhere.


Hoping this could be a topic for serious and useful pro tips but whatev.



Pro Tip: When learning to draw, don't expect you'll learn how to do it within a month. It takes years to learn to draw, and I have mostly self-taught myself.


Pro Tip: make a list of what you'll need before going camping, and double-check it twice: My dad had a friend who had couldn't eat the food he brought because he forgot silverware.


Don't get the wrong idea, some funny posts are cool and all. However everyone doing it would be bad :confused:

I got a chuckle outta this, I don't have a problem with it.


PRO TIP: always read the instructions, for anything.
even this site.

PRO TIP: always keep tabs on where your parts are going while moccing, both to reduce search times, and to avoid accidental self-harm.


Pro tip 1: actually read the rules for newbies, because its annoying for mods and admins to fix double posts, and spam

Pro tip 2: you see that magnifying glass up next to those 3 lines next to your profile pic on the bar at the top of the page? When making a topic, type in it to make sure that the topic you have made has not already been created

Pro tip 3: anything related to bionicle 2015, and any news about it can go in the bionicle 2015 discussion topic, unless you think it can give some quality discussion to be its own topic (IE @Scarilian 's is the mask of ultimate power evil

pro tip 4: See that green box at the bottom right of the screen? Click on it when you are on a topic with a massive amount of posts to go to the top, bottom, or some random post in the middle that you saw a while back


Heh, this...
I've done the opposite (posted and then fact checked) and then gotten embarrassed and deleted my post. (Not on here, but other places. Mainly YouTube xD)

Pro tip: If you're forgetful, set alarms for things.

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Pro Tip: Don't annoy any Mod.


Pro Tip: Always know where your towel is.


Pro tips for irl:
When you have a test, study and dont procrastinate, or "wing it" like I do

If you live in a place with frequent power cuts, or when there is a thunder storm, always make sure you have entertainment, in case the power goes out
*and a torch

When in doubt, eat a potato


Exactly what I do. I never study.

Pro tip: when you have three online college projects due by Midnight on Tuesday, don't wait until 10:00 Tuesday night to start them. Trust me, it backfires.


Pro Tip: Don't say Squid Launchers are the best BIONICLE weapon ever. You will regret it.

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Okay, I literally just did that not two seconds ago. Replying to you.

Pro tip: don't have a workbench next to your trash can unless you like losing pieces forever.

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I posted that before I got to read what you said. stuck_out_tongue

Wasn't expecting that to be the case, actually.

Squid launchers are the best weapon ever

wait, I am not making this clear enough

Squid launchers are the best weapon ever

Pro tip: Anger the moderators and admins, you totes wont get banned
Not trying to trick anyone! at all, I swear to the lord ekimu

Dont actually pester a mod