Problem With Command The Toa Mahri

You guys know the old Command The Toa Mahri game, right? Well, I have an issue with playing it. The way the game works is that you play as each Toa Mahri in a level from their own individual games, unlocking them all to play as in one big level. Well, the problem I’ve encountered is that whenever I click a Toa, the game just keeps on loading and loading and loading without ever letting me play the level.

Skip to 1:05 at this video: . When I click on a Toa like the guy in the video does, it doesn’t load the level like it’s supposed to. The loading bar just keeps rotating around the Toa I select (Hewkii or otherwise). Of course, it could be that the file I downloaded from Biosector01 is faulty. Then again, the Biomediaproject file doesn’t work, either. Anyone care to help me here?

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That’s odd. I’ve played Command the Toa Mahri before, but I’ve never encountered any glitches (though instead of downloading it, I just played it on BMP’s website).


I’m pretty sure I tried the BMP website, but it didn’t work there either. Maybe there’s something wrong with my computer…

I have the download version and haven’t got this issue, I might add. Just checked and it still works fine.
Sorry I am not a bigger help!

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