Prof. Flares by Nopasino!

This is my another MOC called...

Professor Flares!

I'm not skilled name-maker...

Battle pose!


Critique is welcome!

EDIT: Adding an arm detail!


His right arm doesn't look that good. The legs look great and the choice of helmet/mask was also good. Overall it's pretty good. I would recommend fixing the arms though and maybe the torso.

The arms and torso could do with some filling in, just to make things look a bit more solid. But it's a nice idea being presented.

The torso is a bit too hollow for my tastes. The weapons are interesting, although the one in the left arm could use some work.

Are the cordak missles meant to be detailing on his armor or actual explosives/ammunition?

@Ekorak @RangerSilver6 I tried, trust me, but it's not very easy to fit some solid piece there... But I'll keep trying wink

@KonguNuva They are kinda both... I was trying to build MOC around them cuz I have lots of them. But it turned to be just nice munition.

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Yeah. I like how the knew six-shooting stud launchers are reminiscent of the old cordak launchers. I might try to build a ccbs Toa Kongu with them.