Prof. Srlojohn [Self-MOC]

Welp, i finally made a self-MOC I’m happy with. I may or may not come up with a backstory.


Not bad, but a bit goofy.


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Looks cool. The shoulder guns are an interesting touch.

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It’s because of the mask.

Really? okay.

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Very nice! My one critique would be that the full, rounded appearance of the torso and arms doesn’t match with the rail-thin legs. They both work individually, they just don’t mesh together well.


That was kinda the goal. I initially built this to be a new commander model of Vahki, but as It grew, I decided to make it my self-MOC and adjust accordingly. I always thought the Vahki had weird proportions.

and I just wanted to try using the Star Wars blasters as legs. :sweat_smile:


Yeah, Vahki tend to have a sort of beanpole sort of physique in that their arms and legs tend to be longer than normals they generally have a skinny silhouette when looked at from the front, back and when in most poses.

It’s a decent MOC, my only problem as those really thin legs

once again, kinda the point.

He looks like a Galidorian Space Knight.

If you mean the marvel ones, your right, they are are very similar.

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This was what I was referencing for all you normies out there:

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I just googled it. Very similar though.